New Series "Whatever It Takes" & Easter

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  • Jeff, began a new series "Whatever It Takes". Living out our compassion and taking action with the ones God puts before us. A team went out and took action at a ladies house in need.

  • We have so many exciting things coming up for Easter this year. You can begin to invite your friends and point them towards

  • Jeff and Kathy did an amazing job presenting the seminar on sex. The couples were very engaged and I am so glad we have a pastor that will be open and honest and answer tough questions about life.

A BBQ & Series WRAPUP With The Web Guy

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I really enjoyed hanging out with everyone Saturday night at out first Saturday service BBQ. It got a bit cool but it didn't stop the crowd from fellowshipping and having a burger & dog or two.
Phil did a great job closing out the Pure Sex series. Forgiveness is a tough topic and it brings up a lot of hurts people have from abuse and betrayal. We have to forgive unconditionally to move beyond the damage done to us. Phil also said forgiving does not mean forgetting. We don't have to give back trust when we forgive. Trust is earned.
Jeff will be beginning a new series this weekend called "Whatever It Takes". I expect it will be a great one as it sets the stage for he Easter season.
We are planning the biggest Easter weekend we have ever had. We are pulling out all the stops. Here are a few of the things planned:
Easter Egg Hunts
A Velcro Wall
Inflatable Obstacle Course
Snow Cones
Everything and more you need to invite your family, and friends & coworkers to Easter weekend.
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A Weekend Away With the Aliens

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I was away this weekend with the family visiting my parents in New Mexico. The guys got to do some snowboarding and met a couple new friends.

While I was away it was one of the first times that I wasn't worried about my teams pulling off the weekend. I was able to leave and was confident that the kids and first impressions team would create amazing environments for all attenders and guests. I did however miss having my coffee & donut Sunday morning.
Thanks to the amazing volunteers and team leaders that make every weekend possible. Without you we would not have amazing weekend experiences like we do each week for people who don't like church. Thank you again for all you do!
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Mike's Blog - This Weekend @ Alive Chruch

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Jeff began the talk with the question, "What was your first thought when you saw this banner out front"? He got many varied responses and some as expected were offended. Jeff went on to explain that this picture is just feet and the 3 letter word sex and how we have let outside sources make us think about sex as dirty.

Some felt is was dirty and were embarrassed. Others didn't want their kids to see it because they were not prepared to have a talk about sex with them. Still others like Jeff don't like feet and can't get past the idea of dirty feet. However you think of it, sex was not created to be dirty. Sex was created by God our creator to be a beautiful expression of love for us to enjoy, when kept within the parameters he set for it.

Over the years I have had to change my thinking about sex. My framework for sex was based on what I had seen and heard from outside sources. Once I began to understand the truth of what God had intended sex to be It was very freeing to me. Sex is not a dirty topic we shouldn't talk about. It is a gift and a pleasure made by God to be enjoyed withing the relationship of a married man and woman. When we take it out of that framework sex becomes something it was not intended to be.

Jeff challenged us to begin by changing the way we think about sex. Changing our minds is where great sex can begin. Are you ready for a change of mind?

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Mike's Blog - Loss of Another Music Icon Whitney Houston

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Saddened by the loss of Whitney HoustonI am a mad crazy music fan. I have a very diverse taste in music. I like Hip Hop, Rock, R & B, Rap, Country, Blues, Jazz and fusions of many of these and more musical styles. As I am eagerly awaiting Grammy show tonight my heart is very heavy at the loss of another of my top 3 artists, Whitney Houston (August 9, 1963 – February 11, 2012.)
Whitney was the best pure singer of my generation and probably a few other generations. Although she was derailed from a rocket ship of a career by drugs and Bobby Brown, she still remains one of my favorite singers of all time. Her performance at Super Bowl XXV 1991 of The Star Spangled Banner, is still burned into my memory as if it were yesterday. Whitney's passing, however it happened, will be felt in music for many years to come and will be heavy on my heart for a long time as music has lost another great one.

Luther Vandross (April 20, 1951 – July 1, 2005) was another velvet voiced iconic singer who was my second favorite of all time. Of male, pure singers none was better than Luther. He sang more children into conception than any other of our generation. Luther was as smooth a balladeer of any time and I miss his amazing voice. Luther's duet with Gregory Hines and his wedding classic "Here and Now", which was sung at my wedding, are 2 of my favorite from the original velvet teddy bear. He passed far too early as many music legends before him. I would love to hear his sweet smooth voice one more time live.

Stevie Ray Vaughn October 3, 1954 – August 27, 1990 is my favorite of all time. He traveled from the dark side of addiction and back and just months before his death I watched him perform live at Blues on the Rocks at Red Rock amphitheater in Denver. 
Stevie Ray Vaughn
He told of his journey back from addiction and how he hoped to live long enough to make right some of his wrongs. Stevie played the super charged blues as if it were pouring out of his veins. He sang of playing his ax until his fingers bled and lived what he sang, gluing his calluses back on with super glue to keep playing. He was taken far to soon and I think of his epic guitar virtuoso often.

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Mike's Blog ~ My Team Didn't Win The Superbowl

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Actually my team is the Dallas Cowboys and they weren't even close to the big game unless they are were watching as spectators. Congratulations to the Giants and all their fans.

Great weekend at Alive Church and the Superbowl love First Impressions team did an amazing job as usual. We had some guests in from another state and they are gave our FI team a 10 out of 10 on making them feel welcome.

Ii wrapping up the Unlocked series, Jeff did a great job reminding us to the invest in others to stay outwardly focused and avoid imploding as a church. It helped remind me to continue investing in others because everybody spends eternity somewhere.

Jeff will be kicking off the Pure Sex series next weekend. Be sure to get there early for a seat and invite your friends and family to hear what the Bible has to so about Sex.
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Mike's Blog- The Executive Delivers on Relevance

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It was another great weekend at Alive Church. We nearly ran out of space for the 11am service today. Consider Saturday night next week and get an early start on the Super Bowl. I am not rooting for either team so I will be watching to score the commercials.

Jason did a great job communicating our core value of relevant environments. At Alive Church we are committed and passionate about using what is cultural to say what is timeless. I really enjoyed Jason's illustration with the cups. I tried to get Jason to use my coffee cup but he said I would have to wash it. Not happening!

Thanks to the amazing weekend ministry teams that make Alive Church a safe, relevant and irresistible place that we can invite our friends & family to hear timeless truth.

This weekend Jeff will be bringing the unlocked series home with "Unlocking Freedom". With a weekend to refresh I expect it will be somthing you won't want to miss. Get there early to get a seat.
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